Man With Slide Fetish Banned From Parks

A lot of people have some type of a sexual fetish some of which are a bit more extreme or weirder than others. However, one man has been banned from playgrounds due to his fetish over childrens playground equipment, specifically for the slide. Christopher Johnson, 46, absolutely loves playground slides. In fact, the man loves these slides so much that he is now banned from going near one in the future.

Johnson pleaded guilty after being arrested for outraging public decency at Stoke Green Park. He was given a three-year Criminal Behavior Order by Coventry magistrates court. The order, however, is not limited to just playgrounds. This actually bans him from going anywhere there may be a slide, including swimming pools, recreation grounds, and leisure centers. Johnson must also attend sex offender treatment for 18 months, a rehabilitation activity, and has a 380 fine.

This was not the first time he has been caught getting busy with a park slide, either. Last year, the man got naked and performed a couple of sexual acts atop one in Coundon Hall Park in Coventry.