Miss Colombia Fans Go Full Racist After Steve Harvey Botches Miss Universe Pageant

What does it take for people to unleash a full barrage of hateful and bigoted vulgarities and show just how disgusting and morally bereft they are? Apparently, it takes an international mistake courtesy of Steve Harvey.

By now everyone around the world knows that comedian, actor and tv and radio host, Steve Harvey, made an unimaginable mistake announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant. The entire scene is cringe worthy. You can watch it here.

Mistakes happen, right? Even painful and embarrassing mistakes like this one. But to several Miss Colombia fans, Steve Harveys mistake was unbearable and showed the world just how quickly they could devolve into the most despicable examples of how racism is still alive and not native to just the United States.

Miss colombia fans go full racist

The irony of it all is that while these Colombian fans were trying to harm Steve Harvey, many of them would be readily dismissed as illegals by a segment of America. It doesnt matter if they came to America legally. Racism doesnt care about accuracy it simply lashes out with whatever words or actions that satisfy their bigoted itch. Any immigrants from Colombia would quickly discover that, despite being in the dominant culture of Colombia, they have a common cause with the very people theyve insulted.

I get it. It was embarrassing and painful to watch. Steves mistake was unimaginable in the world of beauty pageants. And that is an important thing to remember: these reactions are over a beauty pageant. In the bigger scope of things, what happened Sunday night is irrelevant to the global community except for the knowledge that at any moment, peoples anger and frustration can cause them to lash out with the most hateful and racist words imaginable.

Sure they are passionate. Sure they were hurt. But when is it ever acceptable to respond to your injury by intentionally trying to hurt people with words filled with hundreds of years of violence, hate, oppression and pain? Of course, it isnt. However, its how we respond to our anger and disappointment that reveals our true character. Unfortunately, for these Colombian fans, we see what was lurking beneath all along.

Steve Harvey owned up to his mistakes and has moved on. All that is left is this hall of shame of fans who allowed their anger to bring out the worse of them while Steve flies off into the sunset to his next million dollar gig. (Just be sure to nail the next one for me, Steve.)

Featured image via video screen capture and Twitter

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