Mom-To-Be Sees Her Late Grandfather Kissing Her Unborn Baby In Ultrasound Scan

A pregnant woman was stunned to see the face of her dead grandfather kissing her unborn child in an ultrasound scan. 21-year-old Jade Hornsby is the expecting mother who did a 4D ultrasound scan to see what her baby girl looks like.

She was in for a surprise as she looked through the 4D photos, she was surprised to see her late grandfather, Jack Hornsby, in the corner of the photo, kissing her child. Jack Hornsby passed away eight years ago, in 2007.

Jade Hornsby is from East London, UK, and a full time single mom. The ultrasound images were taken in 2013 when Jade was 8 months pregnant. She hadnt initially noticed it, until she showed the scans to her mother who instantly recognized Jack. Its really spooky. Jade said It looks just like him, you can see him more clearly than my daughter. The single mum said she found it very comforting. She had good memories of her grandfather. We just couldnt believe it. Its as if hes blessing her in the womb.