Most Awesome and Ridiculous Fictional Companies

Fiction is usually a momentary escape from the humdrum monotony of our admittedly sucky lives. Hasn’t everyone at some point fantasized about donning form-fitting spandex and running amok in one of the many fictional comic book cities and metropolises, saving civilians from the ravages of villains that are wearing equally junk revealing regalia? Oh, the junk revealing regalia isn’t your thing huh? Well, your loss. But, there is one aspect of fiction that we often neglect probably because it’s the closest thing to real life in the movies: work, even though there are some amazing and often ridiculous fictional companies that would be pretty great, or not to work for…;

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1. Fahrenheit 451 – Publishing

You might think that publishing is a pretty boring job, but in Ray Bradbury’s reality of Fahrenheit 451 in which any type of printed media is illegal, publishing is the basically the equivalent of having and maintaining a meth lab. In the book, the hero Montag is put in touch with a book printer, in a way that would make a Cold-War era spy novel jealous. Books are so illegal in fact that after planting books at certain important locations the authorities go to a very extreme measure to eradicate their presence. I won’t tell you what they do; you’ll just have to read the book. For all the Bradbury fans out there “wink wink nod”.

2. Umbrella Corp

So what usually characterizes a villain? A healthy amount of psychosis and disdain for most people? Absolutely. Nefarious, shadowy plans to destroy the world, or enact a huge catastrophe for their personal gain? Yep. Also, most of the time, a prerequisite for being a villain is being a sentient creature, but not in the Resident Evil video games. Well, Umbrella Corp. comes to turn all those fictional villain tropes on their head by being a dark, insidious conglomerate that dabbles in genetic engineering and biological weapons and has a private army to boot.

Just to add another layer of nefariousness the entire company was founded to research a virus that could reanimate corpses. The founding member of the corporation carried out his initial experiments on his wife and daughter in secret…;because what could be more Shakespearian than a scientist so dedicated to his life work that he would sacrifice his daughter and wife.

3. Cyberdyne Systems Corp

Not many companies even in the most extreme realities of fiction have been immediately responsible for the systematic extermination of humanity…; Cyberdyne Systems Corp, from the Terminator movie franchise, manages to achieve this. Basically Cyberdyne Systems Corp uses technology from the future to create an artificial intelligence network Skynet, which then becomes sentient and nukes the entire planet and then proceeds to kill off all the remaining members of humanity with terrifying robots. Oh, did I mention that there is actually a real company called Cyberdyne Inc. that creates Cybernetic machines. Yes, we are one step closer to Skynet becoming a reality.

4. Omni Consumer Products

Although there was a film that called itself Robocop, don’t believe the hype. The real and only movie is the 1987 film with Peter Weller as the eponymous character. Well, in the universe established by the one and only Robocop movie (and its pre-2014 sequels) Omni Consumer Products is hell-bent on creating an autonomous police force. They do this by salvaging parts from a horribly injured policeman and later on using the brain of a convict…;both scenarios end up being huge mistakes. Oh, and did I mention that they end up buying the Detroit PD to enact their plan?

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What are your favorite fictional corporations or companies? Which of the companies above do you find the most terrifying? Let us know in the comment section below.