Mother Saves Son, But Dies After Being Swallowed By Escalator

A Chinese woman was swallowed by an elevator in a Beijing shopping mall, but not before ensuring her toddler was safe. The horrific accident, which took place in Jingzhou, China, was caught on security camera footage and circulated on the internet.

According to National Post, the woman has been identified as 30-year-old Xiang Liujuan. As soon as Liujuan reached to the top of the escalator, the landing platform she stepped on collapsed, causing her to fall down and get swallowed into the still-moving machinery.

The camera footage shows the mother managing to push her baby into the arms of shop personnel. The staff tried to pull her back to safety but were too late as Liujuan fell into the machinery. A lot of netizens were moved by the great act of love the mother showed for her son, sacrificing her life to save her baby.

It took workers four hours to recover her body after disassembling the escalator.