Muslim Students Demand that University Cancel Showings of American Sniper


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Muslim students at the University of Missouri are protesting an upcoming campus screening of American Sniper and demanding to have the films debut there canceled.

A Muslim student activist started the campus controversy when she declared showing the film on campus would make her feel unsafe and demanded an apology and explanation as to how and why the movie was even selected for Mizzou audiences.

The resulting uproar was taken quite seriously, and even prompted the entire student government to conduct a meeting to determine whether the film should be shown, as reported by College Fix:

This film is blatant racist, colonialist propaganda that should not be shown under any circumstances and especially not endorsed by a branch of student government that purports to represent me and have my best interests in mind, student Farah El-Jayyousi had stated.

She denounced the decision to show the blockbuster the highest grossing film of 2014. El-Jayyousi accused the movie of dehumanizing Muslims and glorifying the murder of Iraqis, and referred to Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL featured in the film, as a killer with no regard for human life.

El-Jayyousi, described by the University of Missouris website as a psychology and womens and gender studies double-major and social justice advocate, went on to bizarrely claim her safety was somehow threatened by the film:

I do not feel safe on this campus and for good reason. The fact that this film is being shown, the fact that I have to explain why this film is not only problematic but harmful makes me feel even more unsafe. Showing this film will create an even more hostile environment for me and other Arab, Muslim, South Asian and people of color on this campus.

She demanded the showing be cancelled and either be replaced with a film that does not glorify violence or support existing systems of domination and oppression, or an event addressing American Sniper and similar films and media texts using a critical lens.

I am asking that this film not be shown and that an official, public apology and explanation be issued by all parties involved in approving the screening of American Sniper on Mizzous campus.


After its publication, the student government stated it received numerous letters from students asking for the film to be cancelled.

But the Missourian reports many took offense to the article … [and] a common thread in the debate is the tension between free speech and a students right to feel safe on campus.

The controversy prompted the student government to meet last week to discuss whether the screening should continue.

At this moment we have not made a decision as to whether we are going to cancel the film or not, Missouri Students Association President Payton Head had said at the time.

On Friday, the students association reluctantly said the film would be shown as scheduled on April 17 and 18 but then insanely appeased El-Jayyousis Sharia demands promising to have some sort of event to help cultivate an inclusive campus climate.

Throughout our discussion, many opinions were expressed both for and against showing this film on campus, the student government stated. MSA and other student organizations will utilize the screening to create new conversations about the issues presented in the film. We will use these conversations to help cultivate an inclusive campus climate.

Additional programming to educate the campus on these issues will be announced as plans come together.

What? So an anti-American Muslim wackjob calls an American hero a murderer and racist, and demands censorship of a film about his life and the Mizzou students council agrees to educate students that this radical Islamist might be right?

Something is rotten at U. Missouri, and the alumni better step in, but fast.