Naked Man Terrorizes Neighborhood, Attempting To Steal Cars And Chases Children

The police have recently arrested a stark naked individual who they say was terrorizing a Victorville, California, neighborhood early Monday morning. The man was said to have attacked a woman and chased multiple children down the road while they were on their way to school that day. Finally, the man then tried to carjack numerous people before the authorities picked him up.

The naked man, Daniel Anglin, 19, of San Bernardino, was arrested at around 7 oclock in the morning at the intersection of El Evado and Seneca.

One concerned woman, Lydia Lopez, saw the naked young man racing down the road. She called 911 almost immediately after he appeared to try and enter her vehicle. Lopez described the man as a zombie, hobbling around as if he were Frankenstein.

Anglin was arrested for carjacking, burglary, and having been under the influence of controlled substances.