National Lottery Give A Hilarious Response To A Guy Who Faked A Scratchcard Win

The ultimate dream for us all would be to win big on the lottery and never have any money troubles again.

And whilst most of us live in hope that one day it will be us taking home the winning jackpot, we would never go as far as trying to fake a winning ticket.

One man from West Yorkshire in England took a chance and decided to try and fool those at the National Lottery head quarters with a ‘winning’ scratchcard ticket.

Yet we can imagine he definitely didn’t expect their hilarious and wonderfully sarcastic response!

Jonny Smith posted this photo and message on the National Lottery’s Facebook page claiming to be a winner of £250,000 thanks to their £2 scratchcard game.


On a very quick glance, this could indeed be a winning ticket, but the black ink and burnt edges tell us otherwise.

Along with this not-at-all convincing picture came this very brave message from Mr Smith:


We have to applaud his efforts to be super casual and friendly as ever as he explains his very weird misfortune.

We aren’t sure what kind of ‘small fire’ would miraculously remove the bar codes needed to claim the winning scratchcard but it appears that Jonny has experienced it!

Whilst he sat back and seemingly waited for his winning £250k cheque, the National Lottery whipped up this great response:


What amazing suggestions!

Maybe if Jonny gets himself a fireproof home, avoids using black ink pens and invests in some proper glue, he may have better luck at fooling the money makers in the future!

For now, we sit back ourselves and enjoy the hilarious and witty response to someone who yet again tried their luck and faked a winning ticket.

When will these people ever learn?