Nebraska City Votes to Bar Illegal Alien Renters, Despite Being Massively Outspent


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Despite being outspent 11-1 by national open-borders groups, citizens backing a city ordinance prohibiting landlords from renting to illegal aliens won easily Tuesday, 60 percent to 40 percent.

The Fremont referendum was born after the city council dominated by business interests which benefitted from illegal alien labor and renters refused to pass an popular ordinance in 2008 requiring employers and landlords in the city to stop knowingly renting to, or employing illegal immigrants.

Then came Arizona. In April 2010, Gov Jan Brewer signed SB1070 then the nations toughest measure to deal with the Federal failure to enforce the borders or deport illegal aliens.

Inspired by the Arizona effort, Fremont citizens organized a petition drive to place the proposed ordinance before the people in a special election. But their own city council sued to stop them, and lost. Despite apocalyptic rhetoric about the city going bankrupt defending the inevitable legal challenges, the election was held in 2010 and the ordinance passed by an overwhelming margin.


Above: Fremont citizens were inspired by Arizonas SB1070.

The ACLU, SPLC and La Raza immediately sued to stop its implentation. But after nearly five years of battle, the ordinance was declared to be constitutional and non-discriminatory by no less than the prestigious 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, the 2nd highest court in the land. At long last, Fremont was free to begin enforcement.

Or so they thought. The corrupt city council still tried to quietly kill it with a simple vote of the council itself.

One Councilman, who led the recent effort to kill the ordinance, was publicly accused of packing his own rental properties with multiple illegal immigrant families a charge he did not deny.

It didnt work. Residents of Fremont overwhelmed the city council meeting and angrily forced them to abandon their repeal vote. The resulting compromise was to hold yet another special election, slated to occur on February 11th, 2014.

But it wasnt easy. Unlike the 2010 vote which flew below the radar, this fight faced not only the Fremont council, but national group advocating for illegal aliens, including the ACLU, left-wing radical group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and racial pressure group National Council of La Raza (The Race). Those groups poured tens of thousands into the effort to defeat the popular will of Fremont citizens. Yesterday, they lost. Big.

The election has now handed a victory to the citizens of Fremont, and the rule of law on immigration.

The Fremont story should be an inspiration for Americans to stop the Washington elites in both parties from forcing down their throats a massive amnesty for illegal aliens that they dont want.