Photography is Not a Crime… Shocking Video Captures Insane Fight Between Security Guard and Journalist During County Commission Meeting

Thanks to the belief that government transparency is now optional, the rift between the public and elected officials is boiling to a dangerous point…

The video you are about to see was captured by Photography is Not a Crime correspondent Mike Skidmore as he attempted to document a Richland County Commission meeting last Thursday. According to Skidmore, the meeting which was planned by citizens who sought to voice their concerns with the commission over various issues had been changed from public to a closed executive session at the last minute and began to grow tense as they discuss Skidmores concerns.

In the beginning, Skidmore can be witnessed calmly stating he displeasure with the commissions security guards and actions they had allegedly taken before this video, however, that all changes the moment one of the guards attempts to seize his camera.

WARNING: ***NSFW*** Graphic language and violence


…a court security guard approach PINAC correspondent Mike Skidmore and try to snatch his camera before Skidmore punches him repeatedly in the face, prompting the guard to pull out his gun and open fire.

Several more men rush into the room and eventually handcuff Skidmore…

However, in their arrest report, they claim that Skidmore had been acting disorderly and had been asked to leave, only to refuse.

But it is evident in the video that he had never been ordered to leave.

The report also makes no mention of the gunfire, which a guard describes in the video as being an accidental discharge, but is now being reported by the sheriff as being intentional.

The video was one recorded from one of four cameras brought into the Richland County Commission meeting… The other three cameras were seized as evidence by Richland County sheriff deputies, who obviously did not realize they forgot to seize a fourth camera.

Skidmore, a former U.S. Marine who spent 30 years as a prison guard before retiring, is currently sitting in jail on a $100,000 bond on a charge of felonious assault on the security guards.