Police Officer Who Smuggled Cheese Into Canada Faces Three And A Half Years In Prison

Recently, a Niagara Regional Police Officer was accused of smuggling around $300,000 worth of cheese and chicken wings across the border to Canada from his hometown. The man has now gone to court over the entire ordeal, and is facing six charges of violating the customs act and breach of trust.

Scott Heron, the officer in question, is now going to spend the next three and a half years in prison for his role in the cheese and chicken wing smuggling operation. Geoff Purdie, a disgraced former Niagara Police Officer was also involved in the smuggling ring, but is the Crowns star witness in the entire ordeal.

Purdie, back in 2012, was on a smuggling run when he became scared. He was convinced he was being followed, so he turned into a witness instead. Purdie spent only one year in a US prison, but was facing up to ten years for the crime.