Poll Shows Americans Think Hillary Acted Illegally or Unethically

A new poll released by Marist showed that a majority of Americans believed that Hillary Clinton has done something wrong involving her Emails. 68% of respondents cited an ethical or illegal error on Clintons part.

Of this 68% of respondents, 40% believed that Clinton acted unethically, albeit not illegally. The second largest response was the 28% of Americans who believed Clinton acted illegally regarding her Emails. The last major grouping of answers was 27% who believed that Clinton had done nothing wrong whatsoever.

The most damning statistic, is that 40% of those who believe that Clinton acted unethically are members of Clintons party. Furthermore, 46% of those who believe she acted unethically are independents.

A plurality of Americans, in nearly every socioeconomic background, as well as ethnicity and race, believe that Clinton acted unethically. Moreover Clinton polled as the least trustworthy candidate currently running for president.

As Clintons lead over Bernie Sanders continues to grow, more and more Americans become concerned with her tenure as Secretary of State.