President Obama Planning Executive Order to Expand Background Checks for Gun Purchases


Rather than tackle the root of the issue causing the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks in America radical Islam Obama plans to use what his own Attorney General called thewonderful opportunity of the San Bernardino massacre to shred our Second Amendment rights to bits.

Despite the White Houses own admission that such a move would have done nothing to prevent the California terror attack, Obama is reportedly planning create yet another executive order to make it more difficult for Americans to buy firearms.

Because background checks have done such a stellar job of stopping crazy people from doing bad things so far, right?

From LA Times:

White House officials are planning to use executive authority as soon as possible to close the so-called gun show loophole that allows thousands of people to buy guns each year without a background check, using the San Bernardino incident as the latest impetus for action.

Such an executive order would change the meaning of the existing law to force all gun sales, even private ones, to go through the background check system, subject to criminal penalties.

Almost three years ago, President Obama asked Congress to change the law to require background checks for weapons sold at gun shows, but a bill to do so died in the Senate dashing administration hopes for legislative action to address the loophole.

Efforts to use Obamas executive powers to address the issue took on added urgency in October, when a shooter at a community college in Oregon killed nine people, then shot himself.

Requiring background checks for weapons sold at gun shows might not have had any effect on Wednesdays shooting in San Bernardino, in which 14 people were killed. So far, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has determined that two of the weapons used in the assault were legally purchased at a gun shop in Corona.

But White House officials and their allies continue to see expanding the background check system as the most promising avenue to reduce at least some of the deaths caused by guns.

We all have a major part to play, Obama said, including legislators in the list of those who must work to make it more difficult for violent people to get access to weapons.

Right now, its just too easy. That is going to change.

Notice how this said background checks wouldnt have prevented the shooting or any of the others yet the utter lack of success with said method of gun control isnt going to deter them from implementing more.

As Steve Watson reports:

Currently, it is estimated that upwards of 40% of guns that change hands, do so without background checks. Many are not even sales.

In addition, the majority of mass shooters in recent years all actually PASSED background checks.

The shooters at Virginia Tech, the Aurora Colorado movie theater, Fort Hood, Isla Vista, the Washington Navy Yard, the attempted mass killing at Arapahoe High School ALL passed background checks.

The shooter at Washington Navy Yard even managed to buy his firearm after the background check system was supposedly strengthened following the incident at Virgina Tech.

The BATF has determined that Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the two shooters in San Bernardino, also legally purchased two of the weapons at a gun shop in Corona. Two others were legally purchased and given to him by a friend, federal officials said Thursday.

When asked Thursday if he believed that Obamas proposed executive action on background checks would have prevented the massacre, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, Of course not.

Typical liberals…they know it wont work, but they will use the crisis anyway to take your rights away.

Will the GOP Congress stop him?

We dont need gun control. We need terrorist control. We need to halt Muslim immigration and refugees flows into the U.S.

And we just so happen to have millions of certified terrorist control experts at our disposal if only wed send them out and let them do their jobs.

Unfortunately for us, that goes against the liberal playbook so it wont likely happen with this president in office.