Primary School Children Left Crying After Drawing Dead Loved Ones

A primary school in Rosyth, Fife, are in quite a bit of trouble with almost everyone in the area after one teacher asked her students to draw pictures of their dead loved ones. The students, all of which were only around nine and ten years old, ended up in tears after drawing these horrifying portraits.

Parents, of course, were horrified that their young children had been given such a task in their school. This is the type of project even adults would become emotional over, so children could barely handle it. According to Fife Council, the exercise was said to be a way to deal with grief. One parent saw it as such. Adrian Marshall, 43, said:

I think it is important for children to learn about grief but the way this was taught was not the right way of doing things. It could potentially cause the kids to develop some dark memories. What I take issue with is that there were no letters sent out to us seeking our permission for the class to go ahead or to ask us if we would like to attend to comfort our kids. They were told that it was alright to cry and over half of them did. One said they didnt want to do the drawing but was told by the teacher to do it anyway.

Angela Logue, Education Officer of Fife Council, is standing by this grief exercise, but said they will notify all parents in the future.