Real Life Incredible Hulk Almost Had To Have His Arms Amputated Because Of Muscle Injections


I don’t even think Iron Man in his Hulk Buster outfit could defeat this guy.

Meet 25-year-old Brazilian amateur body lifter Romario Dos Santos Alves, a guy who modeled his body after the Incredible Hulk, the Avengers member with the anger problem.

No, Romario didn’t have to use Gamma rays (I don’t think sticking any appendage in a microwave is a good idea), but he did decide to use a muscle enhancement injection called Synthol, which is a mixture of oil, alcohol, and lidocaine.

Also not a good idea.

In fact, because the oil solidified in his biceps, it hardened into rocks, which is why a doctor told him that he’d have to have his precious arms amputated.

Whoa, not to nerd out or anything, but that sounds much more like the Thing from Fantastic Four, right? Who’s with me?!

Thankfully for Romario, on the day of the procedure, the doctor performed a CAT scan, and determined that an amputation wasn’t necessary for this literal Rocky.

While Romario has since said he’s been off Synthol since 2013, he still has the urge to use other enhancements. Don’t do it, Romario. Stand strong!