Robots Are Now Getting Married In Japan

Two robots read their wows and swore to a lifetime of commitment over the weekend in Japan, the Telegraph reports. The bride glided down the aisle wearing a long white wedding dress and proceeded to exchange the wows with the groom. The ceremony was sealed with a kiss. The names of the robots are Frois, the groom robot partially made from a trash can, and Yukirin, an android who was made in the likeness of AKB48 idol Yuki Kashiwagi.

The wedding was officiated by another robot, who goes by the name Pepper. The robot who performed the ceremonys usual calling is helping customers in a cell phone store Softbank and apparently, she can read emotions. Everyone who wanted to attend paid $80 and was later served with cake and got to see a performance by a robot wedding band. The wedding was a small affair of 100. The robot wedding was organized by the Japanese company Maywa Denki.