Routine Traffic Stop Turns Ugly As Screaming Black Passengers Accuse Cops of Racism


Recently posted video of a New Jersey traffic stop gives a vivid glimpse into the reality of policing in racially tense, post-Ferguson America.

Or as some are now calling it: Policing While White.

In the video post, which describes the incident as taking place May 31 in the resort town of Wildwood, a police officer who pulled the vehicle over after it went through a red light, noticed that no one inside was wearing a seatbelt. When he asked for identification, a barrage of race-baiting accusations erupted from the vehicle.

Despite trying to deescalate the situation, the cop quickly found himself in need of backup as the individuals in the car began to disobey orders. The situation devolved into chaos as police started making arrests. One woman began screaming Im the fucking NAACP in Wildwood!, while others shouted over each other at the officer.

As if policing wasnt tough enough, the current anti-police climate emanating from places like Baltimore are making the job even more difficult for cops around the country. Situations like this are, unfortunately, at risk of becoming more common.

As one commenter on LiveLeak noted, the passengers obviously havent watched Chris Rocks How not to get your ass kicked by police. I suggest some serious attention to number 6 and number 8….

#1 Obey the law
#2 Use Common Sense
#3 Stop immediately
#4 Turn that shit off
#5 Be polite
#6 Shut the fuck up
#7 Get a white friend
#8 Dont ride with a mad woman