Saturns Moon Titan May Be Covered In Sinkholes

NASAs Cassini spacecraft has been capturing images of Titan, Saturns large moon. They have captured photos that appear to be lakes, but it is believed that they may be sinkholes. Some of them look to be filled with water while others just look like depressions in the land.

Scientists think that these sinkholes may be created much the way sinkholes on the Earth are created. These pits in the ground generally form slowly, on Earth anyway. The U.S. Geological Survey says that they form where water has gathered and doesnt have the ability to drain externally. As the water drains into the ground below, it dissolves subterranean caverns, causing the sinkhole.

Titan is a very cold, and interesting celestial body. Although it it remains minus 292 degrees Fahrenheit, it still manages to be the only other body out there with natural lakes like the Earth. More information is slowly being gathered on how Titan forms its waterways, and why it has sinkholes.