Sex Toys Hanging On Portland Power Lines

Remember the summer days in the city when kids would tie an old pair of shoes together by their laces and hurl them a a telephone line? The shoes would then hang there, dangling for months and maybe even years on end. Depending on the neighborhood you lived in, the officials were either really quick about taking them down or the shoes would hang there for years. Well, maybe this will inspire them do bring it down faster. Portland has seen an issue with what else than dangling dildos. Thats right, sex toys hanging from power lines.


Just a few of the many toys rescued

This problem occurred recently and the amount of fake penises hanging over the city is starting to reach into the hundreds. Officials have no leads on exactly who or how many people are involve in this hilarious though strange act of vandalism but theyre hard on the case. No word on whether or not the pornographic power lines will be fixed but according to the power committee they dont pose a fire hazard so….