Single Man Recreates Twin Sisters Family Photos With A Cat

Sibling rivalry is something that can’t be avoided so imagine how intense it gets when you grow up with a twin and you both lead completely opposite lives.

This is something Gordy Yates knows too well.

Gordy is a 28-year-old guy who is living the single life while partying and traveling around Taiwan- while his twin sister, Meredith, on the other hand is married and is a mother of two.

On his blog Gordy explains that the pair are at very different places in their lives which is why he thinks his sister is much better at giving presents than he is.

He writes: “I’m the worst brother because I never get her anything for her birthday. Generally, I don’t get someone a birthday present if they live far away, so I usually don’t get her ANYTHING even though she always gets me something.”

That was until this year.

Gordy decided to do something a little bit special for his sister and recreate her family photos using a cat- with really adorable and super hilarious results.

Here they all are, but warning- watch out for the moment a strangers cat is substituted for a baby.