Social Media Cited As A Cause In Almost 1/3 Of Divorce Cases

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites used by individuals all around the world. It’s a way we stay connected with people whom we are unable to see on a daily basis, we can meet new people, or even promote business.

Facebook is also associated with a lot of relationship issues.

Statistics from and other legal studies show that divorce and Facebook are significantly correlated with increased flirting and illicit online affairs. In a study conducted by a law firm, out of 5,436 divorce cases a total of up to 1,087 cases cited that illicit affairs started with the social networking site Facebook.

Why? It’s Way Too Easy

Why? It's Way Too Easy

Nothing is private anymore. This generation of social media addicts will share pretty much everything publicly, even a partner’s infidelity.

Facebook unwittingly provides evidence of cheating and new relationships, helps track people’s movements and records expenditure on everything from cars to holidays

Specialists at Leeds Law Firm Lake Legal examined over 200 cases and found Facebook was used by legal teams in just over a third of cases.

Many cases revolved around social media users who got back in touch with old flames they hadn’t heard from in years.

It’s all too easy.

You can look up an ex from years ago, reconnect with them via private message, and communicate with people all without your current partner ever knowing (granted he or she doesn’t have access to your account).

Whether it’s an over-share of your relationship’s details, a “friendly” comment on someone’s picture or an overly “friendly” Facebook private message, it’s all water to an already dying flame.

Smells like depression, Valium, and cats in here….

Even if you aren’t the type to cheat, it’s possible that being glued to your computer or smartphone and constantly posting everything that is happening in your life could also be a huge cause for relationship problems.

Think about it:

Have you ever stopped during an incredible moment with your partner, maybe at a baseball game or dear friend’s birthday, to tweet or update whatever you were doing?

Have you ever had a movie night with your partner and spent half the movie on your smartphone scrolling your Facebook or Instagram feed?

This behavior, not just cheating, is also a major concern.

Privacy is a major must-have for any relationship, and constantly letting everyone know the details of your partnership can, over time, deteriorate the sanctity of what you two have.

So Log Off And Go Live Your Life (No, Really. Stop.)

So Log Off And Go Live Your Life (<em>No, Really. Stop.</em>)