Something Horrible Has Happened To The Man Who Walked 20 Miles to Work Everyday


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Two weeks ago, we reported on James Robertson, the Detroit man was an incredible work ethic, walking 20 miles a day to work.

After a popular Detroit journalist published Robertsons story, it spread like crazy all over the Internet and people came out of the woodwork to offer donations and help to the hard working Michigan native.

Unfortunately, now that the glare of the national spotlight has faded, something terrible has happened to Robertson thanks to the horrific entitlement culture that is so sadly prevalent in our nation.

From IJRs Conor Swanberg:

When the news of Robertsons good fortune spread, some of his neighbors started to look to him for hand outs, with some even threatening him with violence if he didnt pay up.

The surrounding hostility hit such a boiling point that Detroit Police had to regularly patrol Robertsons home. More recently, Robertson was moved to a secret location.

One officer who helped Robertson says:

I think its the right thing to do with the attention given… I think that we want to make sure that he gets as much attention from us as he did get from the community around him.

How pathetic is that?

It makes me sick to see a man who works as hard as Robertson does having to endure this treatment and stress because of a bunch of lazy bums, who dont have half the God-given drive and ethic as he does.

This guy walked 20 miles a day to work never missing a single shift regardless of the rain, snow or wind, or if he was sick, for ten years straight, and this is how he gets rewarded for his efforts? Threatened with violence by a bunch of beggars if he doesnt give them money?

God forbid James Robertsons example actually inspires them to get the hell off the couch, collecting public handouts, and get a job of their own ANY job. Flipping burgers, stocking groceries, anything.

As Mike Cantrell put it:

The world doesnt owe you a sweet, simple, care free life devoid of personal responsibility and sacrifice. No one is exempt from the sweating brow and the aching back of hard work, so start acting like an adult, suck up your pride, and go make something of yourself.

Let us hope this awful mess that is clearly exhausting James Robertson will soon blow over and this incredible, hard-working man will be able to resume his life, which was cruelly and unfairly interrupted.

Heres Charlie LeDuffs video report. The change in James normally positive manner is disturbing:

[h/t IJR, YoungCons]