Starbucks Is Opening Express Shops For Customers Who Hate Waiting

This is an anxious coffee-lover’s dream.

This is an anxious coffee-lover's dream.

For centuries, standing still in a line has been the bane of jittery, caffeine-addicted people’s existence.

Also, waiting in lines in general just totes sucks.

Thankfully, Starbucks is on your side and has just opened its first ever express location on Wall Street. The coffee chain claims that it is an “espresso shot” version of its regular shops.

Tables and chairs don’t exist inside this 538 square foot cafe and the menu has been downsized to include only items that can be made fast — like brewed coffee and espresso beverages. So if you want one of the company’s signature blended beverages, you’re out of luck… unless you want to walk maybe 20 feet down the sidewalk because there’s probably a regular Starbucks that close.

Inside Starbucks’ new express location.

Inside Starbucks' new express location.

As soon as a customer enters a shop, an employee will take their order with an electronic handheld device. Starbucks also encourages the use of its mobile ordering app.

Four more express locations are expected to be opened in New York by the end of the year. No word on if the focus on speed will require patrons to misspell their own names on their cups.