Students Forced To Lie In The Sun As Punishment For Not Keeping Room Clean

Pictures of students wrapped up in quilts, lying on the floor in the hot sun, and running wrapped in quilts with buckets on their heads during training recently went viral on the web. More than twenty female students, from Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Languages, were forced to wrap themselves up in blankets and lay in the hot sun as punishment. Liu Min, a Freshman student, said that the instructors ensured that the blankets were covering the pupils. Min added that the students were made to lie there for just 10 minutes.

According to the Department for Student Work, the pupils were being punished because their room was not cleaned. Before being forced to lie in the hot sun wrapped in a quilt, female students were forced to run donning buckets on their heads, while other trainees looked on.

Xie Tong, school administrator, said that he feels that punishing students in this way is not appropriate. He further said that the school will arrange for counseling for the punished trainees.