Students Release The Most Adorable Swarm Of 72,000 Bugs As A Senior Prank, Get Arrested

Maryland’s Chopticon High School right now:

Maryland's Chopticon High School right now:

Senior pranks are an age-old tradition, no matter how adamant school staff is about shutting them down. As long as they’re not, you know, harmful or mean-spirited, what’s the harm?

Oh yeah, they can be super annoying. But beside all those things?

Right, I get it. You need to be extremely clever to make sure the majority of people think it’s funny and not the worst thing ever. And if you aren’t going to become legend in the process, why even bother?

Taking apart cars and rebuilding them on the school’s roof. Releasing three ducks into the school and labeling them “1” “2” and “4.”

Unleashing a swarm of 72,000 ladybugs. At a school that isn’t yours.

Well, all of those things involve breaking into the school, and schools have really sh*tty senses of humor (especially when they’re not your school), and breaking into places is illegal. So I’m not shocked to hear that the latter of those ideas recently happened in Maryland and that several students from St. Mary’s County high school were charged with burglary.

Really? Ya gonna ruin kids’ records because of a prank? Ultimate buzzkill. Chopticon High School must be super fun at parties… you say, before getting the full story.

The masks… didn’t work.

The masks... didn't work.

Masks and hoodies didn’t save the five people who forced their way into Chopticon High School.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office identified SEVEN suspects from a different school — St. Mary’s high — as the ones pulling the “prank” around 3:40 am. According to sources, that includes the duo in the getaway car. They even found the one that bought the bugs off the internet, but I mean come on that couldn’t have been too hard. These are obviously amateurs pulling amateur pranks.

WUSA9 continues:

Four of the suspects, all of whom are juvenile males, were charged with 4th degree burglary, property destruction under $1,000 and disruption of school actives. They were released into the custody of their parents.

The remaining three suspects, all adult males, will be charged by criminal summons.

Are you outraged? You shouldn’t be.

Yeah the idea is somewhat harmless when you first think about it, but you also gotta know that “forcing” your way into something causes actual damage — and on top of that, ladybugs love to do this:

So 72,000 might turn into something much larger if not taken care of completely.

In other words, maybe getting the law involved is the right move — but only to make the lesson learned, not to ruin a bunch kids’ lives. Because kids are idiots.

And kids will always be idiots until you teach them not to be.

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