Summer Bod Looking A Little Flabby? Don’t Get Down, Brett Cap’s Got You Covered

Brett-Cap isn’t like most men who are fitness minded. He doesn’t just go to the gym, slam the weights, and pound protein shakes. He believes that the mind is just as powerful of a muscles as the ones you’re working on in the gym, and he also knows that success at the gym depends on more than just how much you can bench. It’s all about the mindset.

By far, Brett is the best YouTube channel to watch if you want to get into shape, but especially if you need that extra inspiration. He covers everything from exercise, to excellent diet tips, to making sure you feel comfortable doing what he’s doingnot just physically, but he wants you to have the confidence to try.

After all, everyone was once a beginner.

Check out our favorite tips from Brett below.

Brett gives a run down of the best way to start shopping for ultimate fitness.


At home workout, to master your booty.


Train that upper body!


The best at home ab workout.


Brett recognizes that not everyone can head to the gym daily, between work or school. He also recognizes that some exercises are challenging, but he totally encourages you to take the jump and start working out! His diet tips won’t leave you starving (he even offers tips for those who want to bulk up,) and his focused videos on certain muscles offer a great way to space out your workouts so you don’t overexert any body part. He also uses things everyone has in their household. Too often, YouTube personalities tell you to pick up some insane equipment that cost a fortune.

I started following Brett’s workout routines and diet plans for a week, and I’ve already dropped three pounds! Not saying he’s a miracle worker but I’m about to post my before/after shots.

If, like me, you can’t get enough of his tips on YouTube, he does quick techniques on his Instagram as well. If you need any advice, he often responds to comments on all his social media, even Twitter.