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soundboardDr. Drum is beat making software that can have you turning out studio-quality beats just minutes after you start using it. We checked out Dr. Drum and this is what we thought.

It doesnt matter what style of music youre into making: Dr. Drum can create house, hip hop, dubstep, rap, jungle, R & B, trance, techno, and reggae beats. Youll basically be able to replicate any beat that you hear on the radio, watching tv or when you go out to the club.

All the tracks you create can be customized. Change the volume, adjust the low, mid, and high tones or change the pan effect for every track that you create. Basically all of the tools you need to turn sound engineer specific styles are in your hands. That means if youre into dubstep, you can alter the resonance, LFO R and LFO A, and frequency for that beat drop signiture. There is a huge selection of exclusive tracks to choose from so all the tracks you make sound hot and fresh. Or just drag in music files over and sample them in your track.

Probably the strongest part of Dr. Drums performance is the sound quality. A lot of other digital mixers only create mp3s. Mp3s are everywhere, but that doesnt mean theyre any good. Theyre actually really bad at compressing sound. That means the sounds that theyre able to record sound flat and empty. The industry standard in clubs, studios, and radio stations is to use tracks in another file type44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav filesand thats exactly the format Dr. Drum creates. So which would you rather go with: a beat maker that lets you have the most intricate sounding tracks possible or a beat maker that makes tracks that sound like theyve been sat on?

Your choice.

And think about it. Downloading a beat making software also gets you off the hook for thousands and thousands of dollars in student loan debt. You dont have to spend a few years of your life in a classroom learning music theory that isnt going to teach you anything about the music you want to make. Theres no music theory involved. Just download the software and start using it. Anything that you need to learn you can find out in the members area. Thats why newbies are able to start mixing tracks as soon as they start using Dr. Drum. Pros will like it too, because its so much more intuitive than other beat making software.

At full price a software like this would run you over three hundred dollars. Its available now, through the link that youll find on this site for the amazing price of only $29.95. And if you dont like it, ask for a refund and get your money back.

Its that easy to start making beats and mixing tracks. You need to get on this deal today. Get your hands on Dr. Drum right here.

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