The 10 Best Countries For Women

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Every year, the World Economic Forum publishes its Global Gender Gap report (it’s now in its ninth year), a report which indexes 142 countries and ranks them based on gender disparities in four key “subindexes” or categories (which themselves comprise a number of indicators): Health and Survival, (to provide an overview of the gap between women’s and men’s health, using indicators such as the ratio of female life expectancy, over the male value and female mortality rate at birth over the male value). Educational Attainment, (to establish the gap in educational standards between men and women, through the ratio of female literacy rate over the male value and also the ratios of female enrolment in primary, secondary and tertiary education over the male values. Economic Participation and Opportunity, (to determine wage discrepancies and the participation of women in the labour force compared with men) and Political Empowerment, (to establish the gap between men and women who hold high political office, through the ratio of women to men in top political and ministerial-level positions). Countries are assigned a rating of between 0.00 (non-existent equality) and 1.00 (full equality).

To be included in the report, a country must have data for at least a dozen of the 14 indicators used in the report.

You can view the full report here.

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