The Internet Needs To Stop Victim-Blaming Kim Kardashian, And Here’s Why

I think we can all can agree, Kim K isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. She isn’t really at the top of my inspirational role models or innovative thinkers list, but she’s a human being like the rest of us. And at that, a woman who was put in a terrifying and traumatizing situation last week.

But people don’t see Kim as a human woman. They see her as a wax figure of herself, a celebrity shell of a human being, and a target of daily slut-shaming, which devalues her to a vapid whore in the mind of the world (especially the Twitter fingers).

They don’t see a woman in themselves who could get her privacy violated, worry that she’s on the brink of death and might lose her family. It’s too hard to see her as one of us. As a sister, mother or wife in our own lives, because she is a tit-bearing, social media obsessed reality star. But what people are doing to Kim is plain and simple: victim-blaming.