This Artist Is Painting Incredible Works Of Art On Dried Leaves

This moon painting is so haunting and we love the subtle ombre effect of blue, white and purple hues. The acrylics give the moon its rough, bumpy surface while keeping up a very dreamy aesthetic. Would like a life size version of this on our bedroom wall to help us fall asleep at night.

We can almost imagine this little robin bird perched on this original leaf before it fell from the tree. Valeria gave it a nice branch to perch on while he contemplates life. For all the bird lovers in your life.

Who’s Van Gogh? This leaf representation is so awesome! Her swirls are really on point – google the original and put it side by side with this one! Homegirl has got some serious skill! It would be easy for this to feel kitschy, but it feels truly authentic and charming.