This Couple’s Captivating Underwater Engagement Photos Are Literally Breathtaking!

In the spring of 2013, Maikalani Dias and LeihaÊ»aheo Kamahele-Beeck accidentally met underwater while snorkeling in Oahu. Apparently, Maika’s face hit Leiha’aheo’s behind. Completely embarrassed by what happened, Maika apologised to LeihaÊ»aheo and their love story began.

Meanwhile the couple’s friends Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography wanted to capture underwater engagement photos. Of course, Maika and LeihaÊ»aheo were the perfect subjects for their project.

Maikalani Dias and LeihaÊ»aheo Kamahele-Beeck’s accidentally meet underwater.


Because both Maika and Leihaʻaheo are experienced divers plus their love story started underwater, they agreed to do a difficult but one-of-a-kind engagement shoot.

Because of their interesting history, they choose an underwater engagement shoot.


“It would only seem appropriate to capture and celebrate the foundation of our relationship with these underwater images,” LeihaÊ»aheo told the photographers.

Both are experienced divers. And they look so natural and perfect underwater.


Using 14mm and 35mm Canon lenses, Adam shot the couple as they floated to the surface. On the other hand, Shawn-Marie used a 50mm lens to capture the couple as they moved closer to the surface.

“The ocean ties us. It is the center of our story.”


Oahu-based designer Joelle Perry created the gowns the bride-to-be wore during the shoot. One of the gowns worn by LeihaÊ»aheo was Joelle’s actual wedding gown!

“It’s only appropriate to capture and celebrate the foundation of our relationship…;”


“…;with these underwater images.”


Source: APlus