This Dancer Will Leave You Speechless!


(scroll down for video) This Dancer Will Leave You Speechless!

This Dancer Will Leave You Speechless!

A great dance always feels like an extension of the music. A great dancer is not merely someone who can accomplish superhuman athletic feats, but one who makes you feel something, deeply. A poet in motion. Occasionally, a dancer has an equal talent for both – extreme precision and strength, and the ability to execute that other mysterious part that sends you away thinking about it for days.

Dancer Sergei Polunin falls into the last category. He exists in a league that even the more talented dancers don’t find themselves in. Becoming the youngest principal dancer in the British Royal Ballet’s history is just one of his credits. In 2011, the New York Times called Polunin “a fabulous dancer, with a steely technique and beautiful line“. But, in 2012, he left the Royal Ballet to set his artistic self free, and explore other options. No doubt, Polunin has an illustrious career ahead of him, and you’ll see the proof in this spellbinding performance to Hozier’s Take Me to Church.

Even those who are not a fan of this song will be moved by the intoxicating – at times liquid – movements of this bright star!