This Is How To Get Rid Of A Song That’s Stuck In Your Head

No need to resort to tears.

No need to resort to tears.

Brain scans of convicted felons have shown that the last thought they have before committing their psychotic crimes is usually, “But here’s my number so call me maybe, but here’s my number so call me maybe, BUT HERE’S MY NUMBER SO CALL ME MAYBE, Aaaaaaaa!!!!”

OK, that may be an exaggeration, but I guarantee that was the last thought of at least a few of ’em.

We’ve all had songs that just won’t leave our head no matter how hard we try. Some possible ways to get rid of them include listening to the song all the way through… thinking about a different song… playing a video game… or stabbing yourself in the hand. Hey, that might be better than hearing a never-ending Macarena, right?

However, according to a recent study, the best way to get that tune out of your noggin is simply to chew gum — which apparently reduces both voluntary and unwanted musical thoughts.

The physical action of gum-chewing disrupts the mental pathways that run to the ear and essentially makes the tune disappear.

Unfortunately, gum won’t help stop your local radio stations from playing the same five songs on a loop.

Take a look at our gallery of some of the most likely songs to get stuck in your head and read our suggestions for the best gum to eradicate them.