This is What An Exclusive $5000-a-Day Cruise Looks Like

Most millionaires might have the money to buy their own personal yachts, but for those who would rather be waited on by an expert staff and stay in a suite larger than the average American home, then Regent’s Seven Seas Explorer is the perfect accommodation.

The $450 million state-of-the-art cruise ship is currently being commissioned and its maiden voyage is set to take place in the summer of 2016 when it will depart from Monte Carlo and make a two-week journey to Venice and throughout the Mediterranean.

Elite guests can stay in 3,875-square-foot luxury suites that include wood floors, marble and leather features, massive glass walls, a grand piano, an in-room spa with sauna and steam room, and even a private garden.

Regent Suites also include free and unlimited in-suite spa services, free first class flights to any U.S port, a personal butler, a private car and driver at every port, and a personalized bar that is replenished daily. Amenities are provided by Hermes, L’Occitane and other top designer brands.

The ship itself also offers a Monte Carlo-styled casino and an old Hollywood-styled theatre, along with many luxury restaurants and lounges.

Forget about getting a yacht — this is way better.