This Stealth Electric Bike Can Hit 40 MPH

Wi-fi and Bluetooth. An all-black body. Hybrid. Nope, were not talking about a luxury Tesla model, it’s just a bicycle. But the Trefecta DRT isn’t your average Huffy from Walmart. It’s a powerful “e-bike” created out of aerospace-engineered aluminum, carbon fibre, and possibly the body of a dead Terminator.

The battery in this beast lasts up to 60 miles, and the pedal assist can help you gun it up to 44 miles an hour. Too bad you’ll never make it to top speed with people constantly stopping you to gawk at your ninja bike.

But where are you gonna put your iPhone? Don’t worry, Trevolta’s got you covered, with a waterproof dock for your smartphone of choice and a trip computer that tells you how fast you’re going, battery charge, and how many minds you just blew in the last mile. Pre-order this masterpiece for a measly $25,000, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an environmentally-friendly James Bond.