Top 10 Cities for Millennials to Live and Work in 2016

If you are a millennial the world is truly your oyster. There’s always work to be found if you are a talented individual and if you want to experience something different, you can explore the world as you move up in your career. Below is a list of the top ten cities that should be in your priority list for 2016.

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10) Chicago, Illinois


Chicago could not be missing from this list, in spite of its quite high unemployment rate, 8.1 percent, but if you are feeling confident about your qualifications and abilities, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give Chicago a chance. The rents certainly allow it –the median rent is $949.

9) Portland, Oregon


Portland is Oregon’s largest city and it boasts its eco-friendly character, and more importantly its microbreweries. The city is vibrant with a millennial population of over 19 percent so you are certain to have the time of your life there.

8) Austin, Texas

austin texas

Austin claims that it’s the live music capital of the world, so if music is your thing you should definitely give Austin a go. The city features low median rents -$978- and low unemployment rates 5.1 percent.

7) Berkeley, California

Berkeley is the site of the oldest campus in the University of California system. Millennial newcomers are in the low 4 percent which similarly makes the unemployment rates rank low. So, if you want a go at the sunny side, this might just be for you.

6) Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria’s proximity to the capital means that it’s largely populated by professionals working in federal civil service, however there’s also a notable percentage of millennial newcomers in the city. The unemployment rate is at 3.6 which makes Alexandria a popular choice for those looking for something different.

5) New York, New York

new york

The high cost of living is what keeps this city from topping the list. But, in spite of high rents, expensive commutes and pricey restaurants, New York is still one of the places to be if you are a young millennial.

4) Cambridge, Massachusetts

cambridge MA

The home of Harvard University is another great option for millennials. Most of its population consists of young graduates and with an unemployment rate at only 4.4 you probably won’t regret moving there.

3) San Francisco, California

san francisco

A whopping 70 percent of workers in San Francisco report that they are happy with their jobs, and with a median salary of 69,700 how could they not? There’s a vibrant start-up community there so, if you are looking to strike out on your own, this just might be the place for you.

2) San Jose, California

San Jose

San Jose truly combines it all. There are architectural landmarks to behold and the city has a fascination with technology that we are certain you’ll appreciate as a millennial. The Silicon Valley is right next door, which essentially means that Google, Facebook, Twitter and every other over-successful startup is there.

1) Seattle, Washington


Yeap, your best choice for a city is none other than the city of Grey’s Anatomy itself, Seattle. We sure hope that you won’t find yourself in as much drama as the characters in the popular TV show usually find themselves, and with a median of $55,500 it’s highly unlikely that you’ll regret the decision to move there.

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Are you a millennial? Where would you choose to live? Share with us in the comment section below.