Top 15 Funniest AutoCorrect Fails of All-Time

What are the coolest smartphone features? Their high-definition displays? Their slim bodies? Their amazing apps that let you instantly stalk your ex’s Facebook profile, even though you always somehow want to roll up in a ball and cry after seeing their relationship status? Nope. These are just considered as a bonus. The most amazing thing a smartphone has is actually AutoCorrect.

AutoCorrect uses all your geeky, innocent, plain boring sentences, and translates them into something only a drunken fool would say (or slur) or a sex offender would do – AutoCorrect loves to turn everything sexual.

Here are 15 of the most “ducking” hilarious autocorrect fails ever known to mankind.

I’m so painfully embarrassed for these people.

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Adopted brother autocorrect

Damn You Auto Correct!

This mom couldn’t wait to reveal this long-held family secret and wanted to share it via text.


I am really concerned about these poor kids now and the theme of their audition.


Jeez, autocorrect is so racist. We all knew that autocorrect was a pervert, but who knew it was a racist, too?


That’s a very weird craving right there. I wonder what happens when that person is really starving?


Well, this takes the meaning of “breakup text” to whole other level.


I bet she was singing that Iggy Azalea song when she was writing that message: “I’m gonna love ya, gonna love ya like a black widow, baby”.


Some couples go to marriage counseling to fix their problems, others go to Disneyland.


In other, not so shocking, news, AutoCorrect is also a druggie.


Well, that woman must have had a killer first date.


When your dad is so cool, he wishes you were a lesbian.


I bet she’s screaming with excitement right now.


Oops, something just fell out of me. Um… surprise? This must be one of the worst ways to announce your pregnancy.


This sounds like a very normal Craigslist ad.


Let’s all start a petition to make this the official measurement scale for earthquakes. Or… for everything. Forget about Fahrenheit, Celsius, inches, feet, or metres. One universal scale that everyone finally understands.


I always confuse underwear with Tupperware. Eating tuna from your underwear while wearing your Tupperware? They’re basically the exact same thing.

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Even though they are called smartphones, anyone with one knows that technology isn’t always that smart, especially when you are naïve enough to use AutoCorrect on your phone. I, too, like to live dangerously.

But don’t worry: you aren’t alone in this. No one knows how to type on that tiny keyboard, anyway. I think it’s time to burn our smartphones.

What are your favorite funniest AutoCorrects of all-time? Share them with us in the comments section below!