Toronto Restaurant Owner Selling Gastropub For $150

A restaurant owner in Toronto, Canada, has decided to sell her dream business in an effort to care for her parents instead of the eatery. Ruthie Cummings was the owner of the Danforth gastropub, Das Gasthaus. She has decided to sell the restaurant for $150 in a raffle so she can care for her mother, who is quite ill at the moment, and her father, who is too exhausted to handle everything.

Das Gasthaus has only been open for two years now, and it was Cummings dream restaurant. Its all disappearing within a 4,000 ticket raffle, unfortunately. A winner will be drawn on December 1st, and they will receive absolutely everything, including the entire building, 20 bar stools, a 12-draft bar, 7 chandeliers, and plenty more.

Cummings said: Everything is included. You walk in here, you see something, its included. The only thing Im taking with me is my family paintings… with this raffle, I wanted someone else to be able to attain that without the struggle that I went through.

You can bet there are some interested entrepreneurs out there who are on their way to Toronto as we speak for this opportunity. You dont have to live there to gain entry into the raffle, however. Tickets are being sold on Win A Restaurant.