Two Year Old Boy Arrested For Trespassing And Stealing

Indian police recently arrested a Ravi, a 2-year-old boy, after villagers lodged a complaint about trespassing and theft, however the police in Uttar Pradesh have been condemned for arresting the 2-year-old child. The name of the toddler appeared in an arrest warrant together with 3 adults, one of whom was the relative of Ravi. Authorities came to the kids house on Tuesday, and told the father that Ravi had been charged with theft and trespassing, however the little boy was not there at that time.

Later that day, the father took Ravi to the District Court and explained to officers that his boy was just 2 years old and could not have committed the robbery he was accused of. Police agreed, and the toddlers name was taken off the complaint, as police cannot register a case against a kid who is below 7 years of age.

The other individuals were accused of trespassing, theft at night and dishonestly getting stolen property. The adults have been charged and taken into custody.