UberPool Brings People Together In The Best Way Possible For Only Five Bucks!

So, I had to get from West Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles in order to attend an awards show, and I didn’t want to spend a small fortune doing so using Uber. I imagine the situation having to scalp my award for a free ride back, knowing that there is a huge demand for awards on the black market.

I decided to instead use UberPool for the first time, although the idea of getting paired up with a stranger terrified me: what if we liked different radio stations? What if I was the weird one? What if it ended up like Collateral where they turned out to be an assassin?

With so much doubt, I decided to press “request,” anyway, and my driver was on the way, and I was paired up with a girl named Nikki.

This was my face when we pulled up to Nikki’s apartment.

This was my face when we pulled up to Nikki's apartment.

Thankfully, Nikki was cool.

Not only did Nikki and I slowly start singing along to the radio together, starting from a whisper to full-on belting, we also talked about our favorite bars, and she even said that hey, since we were going around the same neighborhood, we would hopefully run into each other whilst carousing.

She probably didn’t say “whilst carousing.” She was definitely cooler than I was, and born in this century.

Not only did I enjoy a fun, and exciting ride with a stranger, I did so for just five bucks. I met a new friend, and did so on the cheap. Bravo, Uber. Bravo.

My first foray into UberPool was a complete success, and although I lost the award I was up for, I didn’t have to worry about selling it in the end.