UH OH: Al Sharpton Makes Major Move Aimed at Destroying Kid Rocks Summer Tour In Response to Confederate Flag Statement

When conservatives or libertarians disagree with a business owner or celebrity, we simply choose not to do business with them or give them our money. A perfect example for me personally is Buffalo Wild Wings. I refuse to give the company my business because they have a company wide policy of banning the carry of firearms (both concealed and open) inside their stores. Its their decision and Im not trying to destroy their company over it. I just wont give them my money.

But the left doesnt view it this way. If you dare disagree with them on anything, they will try to destroy you. Its not enough for them to avoid doing business with you. They dont want you doing business with anyone.

Such is the case with Al Sharptons war against Kid Rock. Yes, Kid Rock uses the Confederate Battle Flag at concerts and throughout his brand. So what? Kid Rock isnt racist, nor does he use the flag in a racist context. Doesnt matter to the left. Kid Rock uses the flag and they hate him for it.

The Rock vs. Sharpton war appeared to be settled with a tie. Rock told Sharpton to pound sand and announced a concert with libertarian rock legend Ted Nugent. Thats where it should have ended, but it didnt.

Now Sharpton is looking to destroy Rocks entire summer tour. How? By pushing General Motors to pull all sponsorship of the tour. Which would likely deal a huge financial blow.

Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the Detroit chapter of NAN (National Action Network), said the best resolution is for GM to pull their sponsorship when speaking to the Associated Press. NAN has reportedly made the request to GM official.

Will GM fold? On the one hand I would think not. Kid Rock has a loyal and enthusiastic following of fans who are GMs targeted audience. But then again, GM probably doesnt want a fight with NAN and the GM overlords in Washington either.

Having seen the way Kid Rock feels about Sharpton, however, has me believing the show will go on no matter what. And Im guessing Kid Rock will verbally poke at Sharptons racist nonsense at every stop on the tour.

Rightfully so.