Weird Russian Anti-Extremism Video Depicts Mario As A Terrorist

The Russian Interior Ministry recently held a contest for government employees, calling for anti-extremism video submissions that take on religious or political fanaticism. The submission dubbed most creative is called Extremism Wont Pass, and it stars everyones favorite plumber as an up-and-coming terrorist.

If youre a bit rusty on your Russian, the text at the beginning says This is Koshmario, and he is an extremist. According to The Moscow Times, Koshmario is a portmanteau of the Russian word koshmar, or horror, and Mario.

After the beginning titles, Koshmario hops up to a computer and uses Google to research such wholesome topics as how to become a skinhead if I am a Satanist, and how to make a nuclear bomb at home.

Later, he vandalizes Mushroom Kingdom property by spray painting what definitely look like swastikas on the big green pipes. But before he can do any more damage, a pair of Russian police officers arrest Koshmario and escort him inside a castle. Its certainly bizarre, but you have to admitit is creative.