What it Would be Like if Dentists Were Honest [Video]

Nobody wants to go the dentist. But once in a while you are forced to make your way to the dentists office for a checkup. You think dentists are scary and you would rather do anything just to avoid having to go to the appointment. But have you ever asked them how they feel when they have to take a look at your teeth? Do you think they actually enjoy it?

Well, it is quite possible that dentists are just misjudged human beings – because they are surely not as scary as clowns…;But they will never tell you what they are thinking about you while they are working on your teeth, or would they?

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If you have ever wondered what secretly goes on in their minds while they work, this video from BuzzFeed should give you a sneak peak into a dentist’s day to day work. As it turns out, a visit to the dentist is not a one-way torture…;

So what do you think about dentists? Do you avoid them at all costs? Let me know in the comments section below…;