When It Comes To The Race To Create A Dress Made Out Of Beer, The Australians Have Won!

Now, if they could only make a Beer Suit, then I would never have to take that suit off ever.

The Australian company Nanollose, led by Gary Cass, has done the impossible. They’ve made a dress completely out of beer. No, you can’t eat it, and gain the mystical powers of beer!

If you’re not impressed already, the material is made from the bacterial fermentation process’ byproducts. Bacteria used for clothes? Sounds like my laundry hamper, am I right?! Let me tell you: I am.

I need to do laundry badly.

And guess what? The dress is completely odor-free unlike its Wine Dress predecessor. Wow, usually when my clothing is soaked in beer there are two things I have to deal with:

1) My clothing smells like beer.

2) I’m weeping alone.

Just kidding on that second part. Or am I? I am.

The dress is also environmentally friendly, so even Captain Planet can wear it. Yes, he wears dresses. You didn’t know that?