Woman Arrested for Felony, Roughed Up After Recording Traffic Stop

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

When Brandy Berning was pulled over in the state of Florida, the first thing she thought to do was grab her cell phone and start the recording. After the stories you hear in the media today regarding the police state, Berning made a very wise choice.

However, the arresting officer did not see it that way. After Berning informed the officer that she was recording their conversation, he insisted that she had committed a felony.

At that time Broward Sheriff Deputy William OBrien entered Bernings vehicle through the passenger door trying to confiscate her phone.

I know the law better than you, believe me, OBrien says as Berning refuses to comply.

By the end of the altercation Brandy Berning was left with scrapes, bruises and a strained wrist and brought to the jail where she was forced to spend the night.

Berning has now filed suit against the Broward Sheriffs Department.