Woman Texts Husband Hilarious Things He Says In His Sleep

Sleep talking is something that a lot of us don’t even know we do until we get in a relationship and the other person complains about it all the time.

What’s even worse is you often remain oblivious to the things you have said- you could have declared your love for a complete stranger for all you know.

Well, one lucky individual’s mind was put to rest after his wife started texting him all the weird and wonderful things he blurted out in the middle of the night and we are so happy that she did.

Whether he likes it or not, Imgur user (aka Aidan) is now fully aware of everything he says in his sleep and it turns out that he is quite the comedian.

From cheese eating bugs to illegal transactions, this guy sleep talks about anything and everything.

Check out what hilarious things Aidan’s wife caught him mumbling about in the gallery below.

Sleep talking