Woman Walks Naked For Eight Miles After Husband Kicks Her Out Nude

A man was taken into custody after his battered spouse walked 8 miles nude in what seems to be a terrible case of domestic violence. The Calhoun County Sheriffs Office said that Brian Kittinger of Michigan forced his wife to take off her garments and leave their house. According to authorities, the wife found her way to a house that belonged to an old lady whom she knew. Without any garments, the 63-year-old woman had intentionally stayed away from main roads in the city.

The nude woman chose that house because she did not believe that the old lady would see her. She hid on the old ladys porch for more than 30 hours before being noticed by the owners of the house who alerted police. Kittinger was charged with domestic violence. He was set free on a $5,000 bail, but is not permitted to contact his spouse. The wife was hospitalized after the incident.