Woman Who Was Jailed For Loud Sex Back In Court For More Noise

A lot of people may remember Gemma Wale, the Birmingham mother who was arrested and jailed after having unreasonably loud sex at odd hours in the night and early morning. Well, Gemma is back in court this week after causing another disturbance.

The 22-year-old woman has been arrested for slamming doors, throwing objects, arguing, and shouting. Wale was fined 350 this time, but it appears her neighbors in Shard End, Birmingham, would rather her disappear completely. Her new neighbors in Bordesley Green certainly agree and want her gone, too.

Birmingham Magistrates Court overhead the incidents had happened during the late evening over a period of six days earlier this year. Wale admitted to a charge of harassment and was fined 150 on Friday. She was also forced to pay 200 in costs. Her ex-boyfriend had this to say:

She is back screaming, shouting and putting off customers. She is making life difficult for everybody. She was given a two-week sentence but shes been back walking the streets as if shes lapping up the fame. Its a disgrace.

Lets just hope she learns her lesson this time, for her neighbors sake.