You Have To See This Wine Rack That Refills Itself

No need to drive to the liquor store.

No need to drive to the liquor store.

Hangovers… losing your job… liver disease… All of those potential drawbacks to drinking alcohol are nothing compared to having to go to a damn store to buy the booze yourself. Who’s with me?

Luckily, if you’re a wine drinker, that living hell may soon be over, thanks to a company called Quirky. The rack shown in the above photo is not only automated, but it has the capability of keeping tabs on your supply.

The product is called the Poppy Reserve and it features a smart rack that can be operated with an app. It’s able to monitor how much wine you have left through the use of weight, temperature and humidity sensors. Detecting whether your vino is stored under proper conditions is also part of the process.

The app allows you to track your brands of choice and also offers new suggestions. Unquestionably, the most exciting part is its ability to use Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service to refill your stock before it’s empty.

You can learn more about Dash by checking out the short video below.