You Wont Believe What Ariana Grande Has Done Now!

The news of the day should have been that Ariana Grande was spotted with her new boyfriend at a Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California buying and eating donuts. Unfortunately, Ariana Grandes new boyfriend got upstaged by her tonguing a donut that was for sale on the counter. The store owners werent too pleased when they later saw their hand crafted donut being licked by Ariana. The audio from the video also has Ariana saying she hated America, which obviously caused some backlash among Americans

As a result of The Licking and selling of the donut, the donut shop has failed a health inspection. According to TMZ on Thursday, Wolfee Donuts, was told one of the reasons for failing the health inspection was customers licking donuts incorrectly placed on counter.

Now the shop owner, where the singer was seen licking the wares and heard saying: I hate Americans. I hate America, is pushing for charges to be brought against Ms. Grande.